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Dietary Recommendations

A well balanced diet is the key for the success of the treatment in peritoneal dialysis patients.

Foods to Eat

  • The diet should consist of 60% carbohydrates. This also prevents constipation which causes the improper functioning of PD catheter. Eg: Whole grains, whole wheat, brown rice, oats, millets, whole wheat pasta.

  • Patients should consume protein rich diet 6-12gm/day. The recommended dietary allowance for protein is 1 to 1.3g/ kg body weight to compensate the protein losses. For this purpose high biological protein should be consumed. Eg: egg, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, skimmed milk.

  • 'Calcium rich foods like milk, buttermilk, cheese can be include in the diet .


Foods to Avoid

  • Say NO to excess sodium and potassium.

  • Excess sodium causes retention of fluid and thereby increases BP. So sodium should be minimized in the food. Foods with low salt or no salt should be consumed. E.g.: canned foods, pickles, salted butter, ketchup, sauces should be avoided

  • High potassium causes changes irregular heartbeats and heart attack. So fresh fruits, juices and vegetables rich in potassium should be avoided. Eg: bananas, oranges, coconut water lemons, melons.

  • High phosphorus foods like cola, beer, khoya, nuts should be avoided.

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