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PD Catheter Exit Site Care

  • Wash hands

  • Remove the old dressing

  • Examine the old dressing and inspect the exit site for signs of infection (redness, crusting, swelling, purulent discharge)

  • Leave the pd catheter and transfer set or extension taped to the abdomen. Shower and shampoo as usual. Avoid scrubbing the exit site.

  • Apply antibacterial liquid soap to a clean wet wash cloth and very gently clean around the exit site. Wash the exit site and surrounding skin in a circular motion starting from the exit site and working outwards and rinse well.

  • Gently pat dry the exit site first with a clean towel. Then dry the rest of the body.

  • Open the gauze packages. Saturate one with chlorhexidine gluconate 2%/ betadine, paint a small circle of chlorhexidine gluconate 2% /betadine around the exit site in the same circular motion. Allow to air dry for 30 seconds.

  • Apply the mupirocin ointment sparingly around the exit site as ordered by the physician, using a gauze

  • Place one 5x5 cm gauze under the pd catheter at the exit site so that the catheter is resting on the gauze. Apply the final dressing -- sterile gauze with micropore.

  • Tape the transfer set to the patient's skin in a comfortable position, minimizing excessive tension on the exit site.

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